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In 2005, Northwest Kickball, Portland Co-ed Adult Dodgeball, and Red Ball bowling joined to become Recess Time Sports Leagues; creating the largest sports and social league in Portland, Oregon.

With over 5,000 players competing in 2006, the fields, gyms, and bowling alleys of Portland were flooded with youthful minded adults looking to connect with nostalgic social recreational activities.

Northwest Kickball started in the summer of 2003 over a pitcher of beer on the back patio at the East Bank Saloon. Social/sport enthusiasts longed for a player-run league celebrating the joy of kickball and have been booting and rallying ever since.

Recesstime Dodgeball started in the spring of 2004 as an alternative for the kickball addicts who were forced indoors by Portland’s damp winters. Ten teams started out the season at the McMenamin’s Kennedy School, and with a little help from Hollywood, the league has blossomed into one of the largest adult dodgeball communities in the world.

Recesstime Bowling started in the winter of 2005, promising free beer for gutter huggers. Teams have been lining up to meet new friends hoping to knock back a few beers and a few pins.

Recesstime Ping Pong began in the summer of 2006 in the dark shadows of Billy Ray’s Dive Bar. We’ve since migrated to the Blitz Ladd!

Recesstime Mushball kicked off in summer 2010 – big balls and no gloves, what could be more exciting?